Our Top Tips For Keeping Your Canine Calm & Secure During Fireworks

Our Top Tips For Keeping Your Canine Calm & Secure During Fireworks

July the fourth and weeks before can be very frightening for some canines.

The loud noises and flashing lights of fireworks can cause distress, but there are things you can do to minimize this.

Here are our top 10 tips for managing your canine calm and happy during a firework display.

  1. Be prepared

Check where and when firework shows are being held in your local area. Also, ask your neighbor if they are planning anything. Secure all entries as canines may escape in the reaction of flight over fight.

  1. Distraction tactics

Distractions can work miracles. Distract your canine from the commotion outside by doing playing loud music, keeping them engaged if they desire. Playing there favorite game can help reduce stress as well however, this must be done before the canine is reactive to the fireworks.

  1. Be there

Do not leave your canine alone if fireworks are expected. If you want to go out, get a friend who knows your canine well to come and sit with him, so he's not alone to try to cope.

  1. Stay calm

Ignore the fireworks noise yourself. Stay calm - anxious handlers can increase stress levels in their canine. Be as relaxed as possible. Your energy plays a significant role for your canines as they see you as their support system.

  1. It's OK to support

Contrary to what you will often hear, if your canine is frightened, it is OK to provide him with support and comfort. Allow your canine to settle where he feels safe - perhaps next to you. Don't push him away; ignoring or neglecting may only make things worse for you and your canine.

  1. Walk before dusk

Take your dog for a great walk while it's still light so that he is relaxed and will not need to go to potty once the fireworks begin. If he needs to be taken out again, try to wait until after the fireworks have finished and keep him on a lead.

  1. Seek an expert

If your canine is destructive or goes potty in the house, it is likely due to the fireworks. Getting angry or annoyed will only aggravate the situation. It's best to have a state of understanding and compassion and may even ignore it for the night, then seek advice from a behaviorist or canine expert as it could be a sign of severe noise phobia.

  1. Be secure

Escape-proof your house. Keep doors and windows shut and block off any dangerous or unsuitable areas your canine may escape from.

  1. Make a 'safe' place.

Ensure your canine always has somewhere to hide if he wants to and has access to this area at all times. You can create a den, but he may choose a small, dark corner somewhere - and that is exceptional. Place a comfy bed in the den, with extra covers for him to burrow in.

  1. Draw the curtains

Use blackout blinds to stop your canine from being startled by flashing lights. Keep lights on in some rooms, and leaving others in darkness will enable your pet to choose where they feel safest. Use blankets along the bottom of the doors to block noise and light. Know your canine and do as desired and required for them.

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