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With a lifelong passion for canines and years of hands-on experience, Indigo brings a wealth of expertise to every training session.

Through a blend of intuition, knowledge, and innovative techniques, Indigo has helped countless dog owners transform their relationships with their pets, proving that no dog is beyond training

From his early days solving household canine challenges to becoming a sought-after mentor for aspiring trainers, Indigo's journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to the well-being of dogs and their owners.

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Holistic Training Process

Learning Phase:

  • Engage your dog in various mental and physical activities to strengthen your bond and trust.
  • Introduce new commands and tools such as the position box, emphasizing positive reinforcement to encourage good behavior.

Proofing Phase:

  • Train your dog to respond consistently to commands without relying solely on treats or assistance.
  • Emphasize the importance of proofing behaviors in different situations, gradually reducing dependence on treats and incorporating distance, duration, and distractions into training sessions.

Securing Phase:

  • Fine-tune your training techniques to achieve the highest level of mastery for both you and your dog.
  • Solidify your dog's readiness for real-world situations by maintaining obedience in any environment.
  • Stress Reduction:

    Experience a significant decrease in stress and frustration associated with managing your dog's behavior and obedience. Through holistic training methods, you'll develop a deeper understanding of your dog's needs and behaviors, leading to smoother interactions and a more harmonious relationship.

  • Confidence Boost:

    Gain the confidence to handle your dog's behavior in various situations and environments. Holistic training empowers you with a comprehensive toolkit of techniques and communication skills, allowing you to navigate challenging scenarios with ease and poise.

  • Enhanced Freedom:

    Embrace newfound freedom as you enjoy outings, gatherings, and adventures with your well-behaved dog by your side. With holistic training, you'll cultivate a strong bond based on trust and mutual respect, enabling you to explore the world together confidently and securely.

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Transform Your Relationship with Your Dog

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How do I get started with training my canine?

K9-INDIGO® HOLISTIC DOG TRAINING™ starts with an evaluation. From there, we can determine which training package will best suit your canines’ behaviors, observe learning capabilities, objectives, schedule, and the overall needs for service.

Where will the private lessons take place?

If you are in the in-home service area, we usually recommend meeting beginning at your home, then proceeding to more challenging environments for training. We may also meet in a neutral environment, such as a local permitted park. If you are out of our service area, we may meet in the San Fernando Valley area or travel to you.

What kind of trainers are we?

Our team of Los Angeles canine trainers are modern, balanced, and holistic trainers!

Do you offer payment plans, and how does that work?

Yes, we do offer payment plans on any of our training packages. We require 50% down, and the balance will be paid automatically with your credit card every 2 to 4 weeks until paid in full. A small processing fee will be added to each payment. For more payment information, contact us.

My dog is over 10 years old, can she still be trained?

Yes, “we can teach an old dog new tricks”! All dogs, no matter what age, can benefit from our training program. It’s never too late to learn something new, socialize your canine, improve their agility, increase their confidence, break old habits, and instill new routines while correcting unwanted behaviors.

Do you guarantee my dog can be trained?

Any dog can be trained as long as the handler is working with their canine on a daily basis and remains consistent within the program. Our dog training includes learning our result-driven proven methods, terminology, and techniques with daily practice with consistency. Since we can’t “go home with you” to ensure your training consistency, we’re unable to make specific promises or give time limits or guarantees.

When can I start training my puppy?

As soon as they have all of their shots including their rabies vaccine, we start training puppies. Your vet can advise you when all vaccinations are complete and safe to socialize and train.

Does K9-INDIGO® offer discounts?

Yes, depending on the circumstances, we offer discounts to multiple canines (in the same household), canines adopted from rescue organizations, our returning clients with a new canine. Discounts are offered to active and retired military, law enforcement, fire department, and search & rescue personnel.

Do you offer apprenticeships, internships, staff positions?

Yes, we offer apprenticeships in Los Angeles on a limited basis. We also have job openings for experienced canine trainers, dog walkers, kennel attendants, and office staff. To be considered for a position, please send a professional, detailed cover letter outlining your canine handling experience, long and short-term career goals, office and computer skills, and your resume to training@k9indigo.com. Once completed, we may contact you if we feel you have the potential to join our Los Angeles team of canine trainers or an open staff position.

What are the prerequisites for any service?

Canines from twelve weeks and up must meet the above medical requirements and

  • Have completed all three series of puppy vaccines
  • Be on a flea control program
  • Be healthy and free from disease, illness, and injury
  • Have written proof of DHPP or DAPP, rabies, and bordetella vaccinations
  • Complete an application and evolution/temperament test You must agree to all terms and conditions of K9-INDIGO®.

What if my dog is shy or growls sometimes?

We recommend you go ahead and bring your canine in for their evaluation and temperament test; this way, our expert evaluator can further assist and provide solutions. One of our main goals is to socialize your canine, and we can safely and successfully integrate your canine into the K9-INDIGO® pack.

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