K9-INDIGO® Protection Dogs

K9-INDIGO® Protection Dogs

One of the primary concerns clients have when selecting a personal protection dog is whether their protection dog will be safe around their children and seniors.


It can be challenging to comprehend how a canine so powerful and capable of taking down a full-grown man can be gentle with children.

Many personal protection dogs are not properly trained and require the temperament and nerves needed to be family companions. Most trainers focus only on the protection phase of the training leaving the canines social points very low.

Here at K9-INDIGO® we place a significant emphasis on socialization, selecting canines with the proper temperament, paired with obedience and protection training for the complete picture.


Our protection dogs are trained around children from puppyhood, and we continue socializing them with children throughout their training with us.

Socialization and integrative training is an essential part of our program. What use is a family protection dog to you or your family if they cannot live in your house, be around your children and guests, and travel with you.

Our protection dogs form strong relationships with children and become best friends. From a young age, our canines are socialized and trained with children to accept them as part of everyday life, play with them, and be well mannered with them.

We teach them how to interact with children appropriately, and we take this part of our training very seriously.

K9-INDIGO® protection dogs make a significant security layer for your family while remaining "man's best friend" for your children.


During our in-home transportation process, many clients choose to have their children learn to give the canine obedience commands and interact with the canine safely. Having their canine listening to them makes every child smile ear to ear! Visit our website and check out all of our services located in the Los Angeles & San Fernando Valley areas.

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