How Owning A Puppy Can Benefit Children

How Owning A Puppy Can Benefit Children

Many children dream of owning their first pet puppy. 

Owning a puppy has an abundance of benefits for your child. Here are some of our top reasons why owning a puppy can positively impact your children's growth and development!


Owning a pup has more benefits than fulfilling a childhood fancy. Puppies encourage children to learn invaluable life skills, positively impact their emotional and cognitive development, and offer unconditional companionship!

Puppies Teach Responsibility


One of the benefits of bringing a new pup home is the level of responsibility it takes to care for them. Make puppy care more of a fun family activity! Depending on your children’s ages, you can assign specific duties to them. If your child is younger than twelve, have them be your assistant to things like daily feedings, baths, or getting items around the home you need for your pup like their chew toys, leash, and harness, or paper towels when your puppy has a potty-accident, to name a few. Incorporate a daily puppy schedule, and your children will begin to learn along with you what your pup needs at what time of day. We must make it a part of your kid's daily routine to assist care for the new canine family member!


Puppies Teach Kids to be Social and Boost Self-esteem


Not all kids are comfortable being confident and socializing. Puppies can help kids develop more self-esteem through interactive activities like meeting other puppies and their owners and talking to other children their age about their new pup!


Puppies Assist Keep Kids Stay Healthy and Active


Whether you are going for walks, running around in the yard playing fetch, hiking, swimming together -- you can name it, puppies are great for keeping your children active and outside!Puppies need to exercise their energy and explore the outdoors with their new family.


Puppies can Assist Kids Improve Thinking and Speech Skills


Pups require dog obedience training, a great activity that your children should engage in when they are old enough. Learning various commands and training techniques can help your child develop and strengthen problem-solving skills, memorization, and adaptive thinking. Additionally, including activities like reading a story to their pup out loud for bedtime is a great way to develop reading skills fun and enjoyable for your child!

Children can significantly benefit from having a puppy at home, although puppies are a source of companionship and love for the whole family! Ultimately your entire family should be in involved and excited to welcome the new puppy! Be mindful of your family’s lifestyle, your activity level, and the time you have to dedicate to your new family member before selecting your new puppy!


Puppies Assist with Kids Emotional Development


Children, especially younger school-age kids, may still be learning the concepts of sharing attention and showing compassion toward others. Bringing a puppy home can quickly display your child that giving care and time to another living being can be a positive thing! Your child could also learn that a puppy needs gentle and caring treatment to grow into a friendly and happy adult canine. One of the best things about puppies is the amount of genuine love they provide to their entire family. Teaching your child how to care for their puppy will help well-balanced emotional development!
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